Starting a branch office in Dubai is a method through which overseas businessmen can extend their business in the country. While the nation gives different advantages to forming a business, there are also many facilities of having a branch of an Indian company. If you are also looking to start a branch in this country, then you can choose the virtual office in UAE to run your business remotely. This is the best alternative to work with flexibility and it is very beneficial as well.

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Business people with well-formed corporations or high-brand value in other nations look for the prospect to start a branch in the UAE. Understanding this, the authorities have allowed an effortless and fast manner to form a representative office in the emirate. The business formation consultant at Start Any Business UAE would assist you to form your branch office by taking care of all your needs for your business, while also decreasing the cost of forming your branch office in this country.

Here Know How to Open a Branch Office in Dubai 

  1. File an Application 

For starting an office in the emirate, the overseas investor is needed to fill out an application and submit it to the Ministry of Economy. This is also important that throughout the submission, a service agent contract is given. The term having a UAE citizen as your service agent throughout the procedure of forming a virtual office is essential. Also, you need to find an appropriate Rental Office In UAE, to run your business easily and smoothly in this country.

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  1. Get Permission from the Ministry of Economy 

The UAE Ministry of Economy would give a contract only after the DED of the emirate you choose to form your branch office. Hence, the Ministry of Economy would send the application to the domestic government body for consent.

  1. Get Support from UAE FFCC 

 The next move in the procedure of forming a branch office in this country is to obtain permission from the FFCC. The application is delivered by the economic unit to the board, with an approval certificate from the Ministry of Economic and Commerce for the corporation's business activity.

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  1. Get the License from the Ministry of Economy 

As soon as the above-stated officials sanction the branch office, the ministerial business license would be given to the corporation. The business license that would be provided by the Ministry of Economy would also mention the business activity gone through the corporation.

  1. Obtain Your Business License 

Starting a branch of an Indian corporation in the UAE, the registration procedure would take place at this phase. The branch office in the emirate would be registered by the domestic economic department, after which the business license would be granted.

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  1. Register Business with Commercial Authorities 

With all the necessary documents and the license, the branch office in the emirate is able to register with the officials in the sector and begin the venture. The branch office in the emirate is needed to be made registration with the Dubai Chamber and Ministry of Economic Companies Register. 

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